Jaswanth Manigundan

Jaswanth Manigundan

Staff Quality Coach

Company: Culture Amp

Stream: В

Time: 11:00 - 11:45

Country: Australia

Language: English

Talk: Take your first step towards observability for your automated tests

About Speaker

I’m Jas from Melbourne. I currently work at Culture Amp as a Lead Quality Coach, specialising in test automation and testability.
I have worked in the mobile app development space for almost a decade, where I saw mobile devices and operating systems get better and better by the day. My fascination towards mobile devices made me start my professional career as a mobile app developer. But my quest to build better apps and write code that is much more testable lead me to transition into a test automation engineer specialising in mobile.
Since then, I’ve gradually explored a wide variety of test automation frameworks and have consulted for some of the leading mobile app teams in Australia to build efficient test automation suites for mobile apps.
I have spoken about my mobile test automation journey in a variety of testing conferences like the Ministry of Testing’s Testbash and Saucelabs’ Saucecon.
I now work at Culture Amp alongside the legendary Anne-Marie Charrett helping build a passionate quality enablement team.
I currently work with test automation frameworks (functionality, contract and load) for APIs, microservices and event sourcing systems.
Latest obsession… Observability within test frameworks.

Talk: Take your first step towards observability for your automated tests.

Test Automation has been growing so much over the last few years. It all started with unit testing and UI based testing. Over the years, it has grown so much so, that it’s become so hard to keep track of them and keep the relevant. The biggest puzzle here is to understand what value each of the tests provide compared to effort it requires.
Lately, I’ve been struggling to keep track of tests written at different levels by different people and different teams. How do you make sure tests don’t overlap? How do you make sure someone is notified of something failed ? What if you have a company that has 20+ teams with so much happening around you.
This is when I can across observability, specifically for test automation. Abby Bangser has been instrumental in getting my understanding of observability for test frameworks up to the mark.
After learning about it, I started implementing it slowly at my work and it has been a transformative journey.
We tried to implement it across different levels of testing but also try to balance between over doing and under valuing.
In this talk, with live demos, I’ll show you how I took my first step for implanting observability practices in test frameworks and I’ll explain how it provides value to you and your company as a whole.
Bonus: I’ll also talk about how this can connect with your on-call system to notify if something is broken.